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Lawyers for Kiev Region ask for help


When the war in Ukraine started, on February 24th, 2022, Kiev region was the main target. The capital of Ukraine defended itself, but at a huge price of massive destruction and atrocities for Bucha. Irpien, Makarov, Borodienka and other Kie suburbs.


Kiev Regional Bar Council, is one of the most important bar associations in Ukraine. Ir has more dan 10.00 members - lawyers who have their homes, offices, and clients in this region. In result of the war, many lawyers and their loved ones lost their livelihoodm were firced to evacuate, and now have no home they can come back to and no resources to rebuild. They need to start from stratch.


Many of those lawyers asked the Kiev Regional Bar Council for material help, Faced with the overwhelming scale of the destruction and the urgent need for assistance, on June 16th 2022 Kiev Regional Bar Council decided to establish a foundation dedicated specifically to bringing aid to Kiev region lawyers. This foundation was created on behalf of the Kiev Regional Bar Council, by its President Petro Boyko.


We kindly ask you to show solidarity with the plight of Kiev region lawyers and to donate to Charitable Organization “Charity Foundation for Aiding Advocates Kyiv Region” registered under 44872860.


You can make a donation by following the banking details for receiving bank: read more




OPROEP Krakow Bar Association


Briefhoofd Krakow 12-22



Let Us Empower Ukrainian Lawyers


Krakow Bar Association, in face of the plight of Ukrainians, decided to collect funds and donations in kind. The UIA legal community around the world has the resources and goodwill to help. Until now, thanks to the generosity of the legal community, we have acquired and delivered to Ukrainian lawyers, who we have vetted, four ambulances field with medical equipment and supplies, which have been utilized in Mykoleiv, Rivne, Kharkiv, and Winnica. We are also sending humanitarian aid, in the form of food, clothes, hygienic supplies etc., that is delivered to the Bar Associations in Ukraine, for further distribution to Ukrainian citizens.

We build our network on trust and solidarity. Solidarity of lawyers is essential for the bar. This stays true, even if we usually act as adversaries.  Then, it was completely natural to exercise this solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues. As we say, out of sight but near the heart - says Maurice Krings the president of the French Brussels Bar - the biggest donor to the Krakow Bar’s Ukraine Aid Committee.

The war is not over, we still need your help, donate to Krakow Bar Association read more